St. Marys Cranks & Tinkerers

Front of museumWant to get lost in another world? Step in to St. Marys Cranks & Tinkerers and you will be surrounded by a display of interesting things from 50 year old cars, motor bikes, buggies, model planes and boats, bottles, books, cameras and the list goes on. If you are lucky Ian will play you a knee slapping tune on his banjo or you might be treated to a visitor playing the double bass which is all very normal in this building of wonderful objects.

To find Ian and his merry group of men who all volunteer to keep the museum open and catch up for a chat, just head down the Main Street in St. Marys at number 56. To contact Ian ring on 0417648845. The museum is open all day on Monday, Tuesday morning, Thursday 10am to 3pm, Friday morning, Saturday all day and Sunday 2pm to 5pm. Click on these links (6 mins) Ian Summers part one    (4 mins)   Ian Summers part two to hear Ian talk about his collection and the groups future developments.



3 thoughts on “St. Marys Cranks & Tinkerers

  1. We visited Cranks and Tinkerers on our trip to Tasmania this year. We only found it by luck after filling up at the service station across the road. My Wife, Myself and our two children had a wonderful time exploring the shop and talking to Ian who was a delight. If you are in the area make this a must do, you could spend hours here discovering things or reading the comics.

    Well worth the trip

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