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  1.   janice kingshott
    June 13th, 2010 | 11:59 am      

    I am looking for records of my great grandfather who was married in oatlands in the late 1800’s, his name was John Stuard (Stewart), he married Margaret Barry.

  2.   John Tait
    June 6th, 2013 | 2:58 pm      

    I am updating my 2006 book TASPLACES, and ask for the first owner (grantee?) and the year, who established the property ‘BOW HILL” which is 11 km west of Oatlands on the Bow Hill Road.
    I am at Tinderbox so visiting you for one fact is not practical!!
    Anything you can email me about anything is worth having!!
    I await, John Tait.

  3.   Annie
    July 27th, 2014 | 4:05 pm      

    Hello Oatlands

    I am searching for any evidence that may prove or, not prove, a ‘Jane Welch’ lived in Oatlands in the early 1830’s. I am most interested in the details of when and what port in the U.K. she emigrated from to Hobart. Was she an assisted migrant or a convict, I wonder? Where and for how long did she live there and what her role was in the community is something I am most interested to learn. Was she Protestant or Catholic?

    Any written word about this lady would be most valued in my research.
    I would be most grateful for any assistance you may be able discover for me.

    Please feel free to get back to me via my email address: a.hughes99@hotmail.com.

    Kind regards

    Annie Hughes

  4.   David Robertson
    September 7th, 2014 | 5:32 pm      

    Keen to contact any descendants of my g g g grandfather Michael Vicary died 1867….Properties included “Rostrevor” at Triabunna (where he and his wife and some family are buried), and his descendants populate a significant number of plots in the cemetries at Oatlands and Bothwell. He was a Captain in Irish guards, was a Magistrate, and mixed with Archers and other colonial glitteratti keeping the convicts in place and making money. His children or their children married into the Archers of Woollmer and Brickendon, the Willes, Lords, Harrisons, Headlam, Butler, and a host of others. One of his sons married into the family owning Yanyangurt pastoral property in Geelong, and was linked to Canoona in Queensland. One of his daughters Ellen Vicary married a Thomas Harrison and they seem to have been at Oatlands a long time, but she died at Antill Ponds. Very interested to see if I can locate family photos of early Vicarys that probably went with his sons and daughters to these families, or their letter of diaries. Perhaps I should also register on a site that covers Pontville, Bothwell, Oatlands and Springs Bay areas..anyone got any suggestions? Also interested in chatting to anyone who has a good hold on early pastoral families. My father (bn Victoria) was obssessed with Tasmania and he and my mother came here after the war and built a house in Trevallyn, later returning to Victoria when be became ill in the very late 1950s because of his war service. Attached is Michael Vicary.

  5.   Patrick Keleher
    September 21st, 2014 | 4:38 pm      

    Hi David,
    I would be one of the relatives of Michael Vicary that came to Yaamba (near Canoona)and Rockhampton. You can email me at p.keleher@cqu.edu.au

    Would love to make contact.



  6.   Barry Campbell
    September 23rd, 2014 | 3:27 pm      

    Trying to find where a Mrs Eleanor ASCOUGH ( nee HARRISON) and her daughter Ellen ASCOUGH stayed during their visit November 1863 to January 1865.
    Can anyone assist me.

  7.   Barry Campbell
    September 24th, 2014 | 8:27 am      

    Additional information re Ascough visit to Tasmania.
    Mrs Ascough ( formerly HARRISON) and her daughter arrived in Launceston aboard the ship “Dunorlan” in November 1863 and returned to England aboard the “Westwind” from Hobart January 1865.
    They would have journeyed overland, there were a number of HARRISON families in Woodbury, Oatlands, Bagdad area perhaps they stayed with relatives.
    Hope someone can help me.
    Email: clancam37@bigpond.com

  8.   Judy Dwyer
    November 23rd, 2014 | 2:42 pm      


    I was hoping to find out some more about my ancestor John Stait/e who was an assigned convict working as part of the Spring Hill Road party in June 1839. The last he is mentioned in his convict conduct record – which is not a good one – is in May 1845 where he receives another 14 days hard labour for being drunk.

    I was wondering whether you have any information on this man and what subsequently happened to him once he received his ticket of leave?

    According to newspaper articles on Trove he received a conditional pardon on 11Th January 1842 (Colonial Times Hobart); ticket of leave 14th January 1842 (The Courier Hobart); a conditional pardon 13th May 1848 (Launceston Examiner).

    Many thanks

  9.   kerrin harwood
    January 27th, 2015 | 1:43 pm      

    Hi I am researching Bridget Mannion/Manion, I believe she married Thomas Brown in Oatlands in 1872 any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you .

  10.   Barry Campbell
    January 30th, 2015 | 10:56 am      

    Hi Kerrin, No marriages for 1872 fort he above.
    There was a marriage of a Bridget Mary MANNION, aged 30 years, Schoolmistress at Oatlands 05 November 1879/ 784 RGD37 to James O’Shea.
    Marriage of a Thomas Gregory BROWN at Oatlands 1872 to Mary LYALL and a Thomas BROWNE 1871 to Annie SAUNDERSON at Oatlands.
    PS. Have you heard the name ASCOUGH?

  11.   Michelle Schlenner
    February 15th, 2015 | 10:14 pm      

    Hello – My GG Grandfather Richard Tonks is mentioned several times on trove as the licence of the Wheat sheaf Inn, Oatlands. Any information at all as to where the Inn was/is would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you.

  12. February 23rd, 2015 | 4:43 pm      

    Please email to Stephany on bowsden@hotmail.com

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